Exploring Magic AI Cloud: Salesforce’s Awesome Guide to Superpowered Apps

The AI Cloud is specifically designed for CRM, enhancing customer experiences and company efficiency through the integration of AI, data, GPT, analytics, and automation. It offers real-time generative AI that is both reliable and suitable for enterprise applications.

Salesforce now brings the immense power of generative AI to provide trustworthy AI-generated content across various areas, including sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interactions, boosting productivity and effectiveness.

Sales GPT

Slack GPT

Sales GPT provides dependable AI solutions, enabling organizations to unlock immediate growth opportunities. With generative AI and a unified data platform, sales professionals can revolutionize their work processes, selling faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Use case: Sellers can effortlessly craft personalized emails tailored to their customers’ needs. Personalization is guided by CRM data, freeing sales reps to concentrate on building relationships, closing deals, and driving revenue.

Service GPT

  • Service GPT
  • Service GPT
  • Service GPT

Service GPT and Field Service GPT leverage real-time data from the Data Cloud, combined with reliable AI capabilities, to assist service teams in spending less time on routine tasks and more time cultivating customer loyalty on a larger scale.

Use case: Service teams can utilize generative AI capabilities to automatically generate service briefings, case summaries, and work orders based on trusted case data and customer history. This saves valuable time for teams to focus on delivering exceptional service experiences.

Marketing GPT

Marketing GPT empowers marketing teams with trusted generative AI to maximize productivity and deliver unparalleled personalization at a massive scale using first-party data from the Data Cloud.

Use Case: Marketers can quickly divide audiences into groups by using natural language questions and AI-driven suggestions. This ensures that the right messages and offers reach the right people at the right time, with pinpoint accuracy, fostering meaningful customer connections that drive results.

Commerce GPT

Commerce GPT makes it possible for businesses to offer customized shopping experiences all along the buyer’s journey. It achieves this by generating auto-recommendations, content, and communications based on unified real-time data from the Data Cloud.

Use Case: Using customer information and guided suggestions, brands may automatically create product descriptions for each individual consumer. For example, optimizing inventory clearance or increasing average order value.

Slack GPT

Slack GPT allows users to seamlessly experience conversational AI within Slack, transforming the way work is accomplished.

Use case: With Slack, users can create no-code workflows that incorporate AI actions through simple prompts at each step, making AI automation accessible to everyone.

Tableau GPT

Tableau GPT empowers users to leverage generative AI for enhanced understanding and interaction with data in a secure and trusted manner. Users can obtain insights through natural language queries, enabling smarter data experiences.

Use case: With Tableau, a sales leader can generate visualizations based on natural language prompts, displaying real-time progress towards their quota, along with recommendations to help them achieve their goals.

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Flow GPT

Flow GPT enables customers to utilize generative AI capabilities in creating workflows from a single text prompt.

Use case: With Flow, users can create workflows using natural language prompts that notify a sales representative when a lead is converted into an opportunity.

Apex GPT

Apex GPT empowers developers and IT teams to accelerate software development and increase developer productivity. It also assists in initiating development by generating intelligent Apex or LWC code using natural language.

Use Case: Apex, may check for code vulnerabilities and recommend inline code without leaving the Salesforce IDE, allowing developers to write code more quickly.

Skill Up on AI with Trailhead

Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning tool, has added new material to help people learn and improve their AI skills.

The newly launched “Get Started with Artificial Intelligence” trail covers topics such as AI fundamentals, data analytics, ethical AI system creation, and more. This trail aims to assist individuals in thriving in the evolving landscape of AI-driven work.

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