Five new Sales Cloud features have been released
Five new Sales Cloud features have been released

Five new Sales Cloud features have been released

Five new Sales Cloud features have been released


We all know that selling things in the real world is hard. Customers’ standards are getting higher, but funds are getting smaller, so the average sales team needs to reach out to win business. In the past few months, people have been talking a lot about how powerful creative AI is and how it could improve both staff output and customer experiences. With Einstein GPT, the Salesforce platform is an example of a piece of technology that uses creative AI, and we can guess that there’s a lot more to come in this area.

I’ve never met a sales team or a single salesperson who didn’t want to work faster and more quickly to reach their goal. The most current “State of Sales” study from Salesforce says that only 28% of sellers actually meet their sales goals.

We’ve heard it all before: use AI and data to handle boring jobs and free up buyers to focus on more important (‘human’) exchanges, or, as Salesforce says, “make every customer moment count.” Here’s a list of what’s new with the Sales Cloud, which is always changing.

1. Sales Cloud (+ Data Cloud + Einstein AI)

In the closed test phase

You may have heard of Salesforce Data Cloud, which used to be called Genie, Marketing Cloud CDP, among other names. Data Cloud/Genie was the big new thing that was shown off at Salesforce’s 2022 main conference. CDP had uses outside of the typical “marketing” use cases, such as with sales teams.

Now, the next step is being taken. When sellers use Data Cloud and Einstein AI together, they can:

  • Emails that are generated by AI can send highly personalized, relevant emails to prospects based on CRM data. This means you can spend less time writing and more time selling.
  • Einstein Bots for Sales streamlines the conversion of leads by pre-qualifying website users so that salespeople can talk to the right people at the right time.
  • Conversational sales teaching based on AI: The recording and verbal AI analysis of Einstein Conversation Insights will be offered in 14 more languages, such as Japanese, German, Spanish, and Hindi.

“B2B selling is moving from intuition-based to data-driven and from episodic sales stages to connected customer journeys powered by generative AI. Whether it’s autonomous prospecting, surfacing real-time insights when you need them, or automating time-consuming tasks, AI is the new UI for every seller”. Ketan Karkhanis, EVP and GM, Sales Cloud

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2. Activity 360

Accessible: Usually available

You may already know about Einstein Activity Capture, a service from Salesforce that lets you get the right information from Gmail and Outlook and add it to Salesforce. This was helpful for keeping data in sync between these systems, but action data could not be reported in Salesforce.

With this reboot, which is now called Activity 360, these sales actions from third-party platforms can now be fully reported using normal Salesforce reports. Since it first came out a few years ago, the service has been improved in a number of ways that are also worth looking into.

3. Sales Planning

Expected to be available to most people in June 2023

With all the information in your Salesforce org, how can you make it easy to plan sales territories?

The all-new Sales Planning is built right into Sales Cloud, so it’s easy to make plans from start to finish that are based on CRM data and can be done quickly. This is basically improved area planning, and it’s becoming a full-fledged command center for sales managers and sales operations. Drive new growth by efficiently sharing capacity, areas, quotas, and pay, running what-if scenarios, slicing and dicing data, and more.

 “Data and AI are critical components for our growth. We leverage Salesforce to gather information across 200 countries and territories in which we operate. This data equips our teams with the right information, at the right time, to provide an optimal experience for our customers.” Tom Mazzaferro, Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Western Union

4. Pay Now

Expected to be available to most people in June 2023

Customers find it easy to buy with Pay Now. From within Sales Cloud, representing can send customers a simple, computer purchasing site. Customers can then buy using the payment method of their choice. The ability to pay can be built into bills, SMS, or emails.

5. Tableau for Sales

Accessible: Usually available

Another string on the seller’s bow’ pairs Tableau, the top data visualization tool, with Data Cloud (formerly Genie) and Einstein GPT. Give sales leaders the ability to explore any data on their own, which will help them learn and give them practical ways to grow income.


With funds being cut, it’s hard for salespeople to meet customers’ higher standards. The average sales team needs to stand out to win business. In the past few weeks, the Salesforce community and the rest of the world have talked about the power of creative AI and how it could improve employee output and customer interactions. Sales Cloud keeps getting better to please sellers, their managers, and customers even more.


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