How To Get A Salesforce Admin Job With No Experience
How To Get A Salesforce Admin Job With No Experience

How to get a salesforce admin job as a fresher

How to get a salesforce admin job as a fresher


If you only have a Salesforce Certification, it will be hard to get into the Salesforce community. Employers always want to see that you have used the tool in the real world and that you have a Salesforce Certificate. If you have both, you are definitely better than other candidates.

But what should you do if you don’t have enough experience? How can I get that important experience? If you find yourself in an identical circumstance and are ready to get started with Salesforce, keep reading to find out what to keep in mind.

Is the point of this to say that qualifications aren’t important? No, not at all.

With a Salesforce Certification, you can get a good IT CRM job, and a Salesforce admin job can pay very well. In fact, you need a lot more than a certificate to be “employable.” So, you also need to have experience in the real world in the job you want. Employers expect you to have at least a few Salesforce skills, but if you don’t, you may not get the job.

If you want to work in Salesforce, you should start with the Salesforce Administrator certification and work your way up to more advanced skills. If you have worked with the tool before, you will be better able to show your skills to potential companies.

Many of us have trouble figuring out what certification to get next because there are so many different paths to certification that fit so many different jobs. Sometimes it’s just too much to think about.

So, the best way to go about it is to choose a title that is useful to the jobs you want and try to match it to your past work experience. The Salesforce Administrator Certification is valuable because it is the first step on the ladder and adds to your resume.

Can I get a Salesforce Admin Job without having worked there before?

Even though there are a lot of Salesforce admin job, it’s hard to get one without experience, mostly because the job roles require a certain level of skill. But it’s not all that hard to start a salesforce admin job. If you know how to use Salesforce, it might be easier to find a new job. They can even use their ties in the business to get an interview for a new job.

But the same job search process can be difficult for someone who has never used Salesforce before.

Still, getting a first job with Salesforce in an entry-level role is hard, but not impossible. If you’ve heard of the term “Trailblazer,” which Salesforce made up many years ago, you should check out some Trailblazer stories on YouTube. You’ll see how people with non-technical backgrounds have taken their Salesforce careers to the next level and become champions at what they do.

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Here are 5 ways you can get a Salesforce Admin Job even if you have never worked there before:

1. Sign up for the Salesforce Network

These groups are run by and for the community as a whole. Go to Trailblazer community groups, find a user club near you, join it, and make sure to go to their next meeting. You may already know how Salesforce customers use the platform and how to get in touch with local Salesforce workers who can help you find a job and answer your questions. Here are some easy ways to learn about new things on the Salesforce app.

Joining these user groups or communities also helps you become a better team player and active listener, and it improves your speaking skills, which are important for getting a good job. Even just reading through the comments or articles made in the groups or communities can keep you up to date on the latest changes to Salesforce. This will help you find a job and do better in interviews.

2. Get a job as an intern

Getting a Salesforce internship is a great way for someone who is new to Salesforce to get useful work experience and finally get a good Salesforce admin job. An internship is a type of job that lasts for a certain amount of time. During that time, the group gives the candidate daily tasks and analyzes how well they do them. To get a job as an intern at a company, you have to keep an eye on all Salesforce job openings and then go through a quick interview process.

As a Salesforce intern, you will learn about the business world and earn between $16 and $42 per hour.

Skills you require for a job at Salesforce:

  • A good grasp of the basics of Salesforce or SFDC
  • A clear understanding of SQL and other database subjects
  • Skill with Javascript and other similar tools.
  • Strong logical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent computer skills

3. Volunteer Your Skills

After you’ve learned the basics of Salesforce, it’s time to put what you’ve learned to use in the real world. Volunteering is a great way to build up your resume before looking for a full-time job.

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) use Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, a system built for charities on top of Sales Cloud, to handle their fundraising and work activities. You can learn about the Nonprofit Cloud on Trailhead, load the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) in your developer version, and try out the features. After that, you’ll be able to do charity work.

Also, check all job boards to find out about Salesforce job openings. Many non-profits are looking for IT experts who are trained in Salesforce to help them set up or run Salesforce projects.

4. Be a freelance worker

Freelancing will add to the skills you already have in Salesforce. There are many places where you can find Salesforce admin job that you can do from home.

You can contact freelance websites or companies that are looking for workers. Keywords like “salesforce jobs remote,” “salesforce admin job entry-level,” “freelance salesforce jobs,” and “salesforce jobs near me” can help you find a lot of work. So, you’ll be able to get the hands-on training you need, and you’ll also be able to start making connections.

5. Get a Certificate

Getting Salesforce certification is an important step toward getting your skills noticed. Employers respect what Salesforce-trained experts bring to a company and would rather hire them over people who aren’t certified.

Certification gives you more security, shows that you know your stuff, and sets you apart from other people. It shows that you know what you’re doing at work and how to use your skills well.


The most important thing is how eager you are to learn about Salesforce technology, not how experienced you are. One of the biggest problems for companies is hiring people who aren’t interested in their job. People who are willing to help their communities and are self-learners are likely to be committed to doing a good job, and groups are looking for people like this.

So, use any of the above ways to show that you’re interested in Salesforce and passionate about it, and you’ll be able to get the job you want in no time.

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