Salesforce Apex Interview QnA

1.What exactly is Apex Interface?

The interface consists of unimplemented methods. This will specify the method’s signature, the types of inputs that we pass to the method, and what type is returned as an output.

Please keep in mind that we generally treat interface methods as global.

2.Where can I put Apex?

Apex can be used in the following ways:

To develop Email services

Make web services

Validate multiple objects in a complex manner.

To design complex business processes that do not rely on a workflow.

Make your own transaction logic.

Add your own logic to another operation

3. How Does Apex Function?

On the Platform, all Apex programs run entirely on-demand.

First, the platform application server compiles the code into an abstract set of instructions that Apex runtime interpreters can understand.

Metadata is used to store the compiled code.

When end users launch Apex by clicking a button or the VisualForce page, the application servers retrieve the compiled instructions from the metadata and send them to the runtime interpreter before returning the result.

4. What exactly is Apex in Salesforce?

Apex is an object-oriented programming language with strong typing.

It enables developers to run flows and transaction control statements.

Apex allows developers to add business logic to most system events, such as button clicks associated with record updates and VisualForce pages.

5. What are the different names for the Apex class?

The methods for calling Apex classes in Salesforce are listed below.

from a different class

Using the developer console

JavaScript hyperlinks

Components of the home page

Using a trigger

 6 .What are the different methods of the batch Apex class?

The batch apex class implements the database batchable interface, which has three methods:

Start Finish Execute Start: At the start of the batch apex job, we use the start method. It is used to collect objects or records and pass them to the interface for execution. It returns a DatabaseQueryLocator object, which contains the objects or records passed to the job.

Finish: This method is invoked once the batch processing is completed. This method is used to send confirmation emails or to perform post-processing operations.

Execute: This method is used for each batch of records sent to the method. This method is used for data processing. This method accomplishes the following:

Reference to the DatabaseBatcheable context via the sObjects records list.

7. What exactly is Apex Email Service?

Email services are an automated process that processes the contents, headers, and attachments of inbound email using Apex classes.


Mass emails cannot be sent using Visualforce email templates.

Each email service can be associated with one or more salesforce-generated email addresses to which users can send messages for processing.

8. What is the Apex Programming Language?

Integrated: It includes built-in DML Call support.

Salesforce Object Query Language inline

Simple to Use

Version Multi-Tenant Aware Application that is Simple to Test

SalesForce Integration is a related article.

9. What is Apex Salesforce Map Class?

Apex Map Class:

Map Class is a collection of methods for the Map collection type.

A Map is a collection of key-value pairs, with each key mapping to a single value.

Keys and values in a map can be of any data type, including primitive types, collections, objects, user-defined types, and Apex built-in types.

For example, the table below depicts a map of countries and currencies.

‘United States’ ‘Japan’ ‘France’ ‘England’ ‘India’

Currency (Value) ‘Dollar,’ ‘Yen,’ ‘Euro,’ ‘Pound,’ ‘Rupee,’

10. What is Salesforce Batch Apex?

Apex of the batch: Batch Apex allows you to define a single job that can be divided into manageable chunks and processed separately.

In the Batch Apex, it will fetch all the records on which you want to perform the field update and divide them into a list of 200 records, and the operation will be performed separately on each of the 200 records.

This would allow us to execute on more than 10,000 records because it does not perform an operation on all records in a single transaction, but rather divides them into a number of subtasks, each of which can contain up to 4000 records.


If you need to update every record of an account object in your organization, we have governing limits that prevent us from completing the above task.

Reason: We can only process 10,000 records in a single transaction. In the preceding example, if the organization has more than 10,000 records, we will be unable to perform this field update.

Enroll in our Salesforce Admin Training Salesforce Apex Intermediate Interview Questions 72 to improve your skills in dealing with the world’s best CRM. What exactly is Apex Scheduler?

It will cause the Apex classes to run at a predetermined time.

Anyone who wants to schedule a class must implement the schedulable interface.

Schedule Interface: This interface’s implementation can be scheduled to run at different intervals. This interface contains several methods.

execute public void (schedulablecontext sc)

MySchedule is a public class that implements schedulable. Public void execute(schedulablecontext sc) Account a = new Account(Name = ‘Faraz’)

Insert an a;

11. What is the Salesforce Apex Trigger?

The trigger is an Apex Code that runs before or after the event. DML Operations include the following:



Upsert\sUndelete\s74. What exactly is an Apex transaction?

An Apex transaction is a collection of operations that must be completed all at once. It contains the Data Manipulation Language (DML) and is in charge of querying records. The DML operations in a transaction may succeed or fail, and if anything goes wrong or occurs even with a single record, the entire transaction may be rolled back.

12. What Are the Different Kinds of Apex Triggers in Salesforce?

There are two kinds of triggers.

Prior to Triggers

Following Triggers

Before Triggers: Before Triggers can be used to update or validate a record’s values before saving them to the database.

Following Triggers: Following Triggers Before Triggers can be used to access field values from database records and use this value to make changes in other records.


Code block trigger name on Object Name(trigger events) WHERE trigger events can be a list of events separated by commas.

What exactly is Apex Managed Sharing?

Apex Managed Sharing enables developers to support an application’s requirement sharing.

This type of sharing is only available to users in order to change all data permissions. Only these users have access to add/change apex-managed sharing.

Apex Managed Sharing makes use of the Sharing reason (Apex Sharing Reason)

Architecture for Multiple Tenants

13. How is the Apex program used on the VisualForce page?

We must declare the apex class in the following format when calling it from a VisualForce page.

page controller = “class name” > Apex

When we call a VisualForce page with the controller attribute defined, an object for the apex class defined in the controller is created first. When an object for the apex class is created, the constructor is called first.

14. What is Salesforce Sandbox?

A sandbox is a testing environment used to test code or conduct experiments in an isolated environment without causing harm to the production environment.

15.When do we use the Sandbox?

A Sandbox is useful when testing a newly developed application on or a VisualForce page. It is not possible to test something in the production environment because it would disrupt normal operations. To solve this issue, developers use Sandbox to test the application.

There are several types of sandboxes available:

Partial copy of Developer Developer pro












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