Salesforce Developer vs Salesforce Consultant
Salesforce Developer vs Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Developer vs Consultant role which one is better?

Salesforce Developer vs Consultant role Which one is better?

You might want to switch careers to Salesforce(Salesforce Developer OR Salesforce Consultant), but you don’t know what to do. Salesforce is now one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and it can be used to make good use of client data in a world where more and more data is being made.

In the past few years, the platform’s market share has grown, and the company’s income has grown faster than that of other CRM providers.

Salesforce CRM is the most sought-after tool for any business that wants to grow quickly. Customer data is the most important thing for a business because it tells them important things about their customers and can predict what they might do in the future. Most importantly, your Salesforce expert is an important part of your business and helps keep things running smoothly.

Which Job Should You Choose: Salesforce Developer vs Consultant?

Since everyone has a different area of skill, it is up to the candidate to decide which path to take.

A Salesforce adviser is an important part of setting up CRM systems because they deal with important issues that affect how an organization works. While the Salesforce Developer is in charge of all important Salesforce development and customization, like making new apps and changing current ones, building apps, writing, and testing.

To join the Salesforce world, you must have a strong desire to learn everything there is to know about the program. The Salesforce Admin certification is by far the most popular, especially for newcomers. However, Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Consultants, and many more are also on the path to the most popular Salesforce jobs.

Today, let’s take a quick look at the jobs and responsibilities of Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Consultants, as well as how your choice between the two affects your Salesforce career.

Salesforce Consultants

When it comes to customizing and improving the Salesforce CRM to meet the needs of the company, a Salesforce consultant’s job becomes more important.

Salesforce experts are important to every business because they raise the value of the company by bringing in more money and making customers happy. They are known for coming up with new ideas, and they can even predict how changes in the future might affect the business.

The main job of a Salesforce expert is to build, plan, and keep up systems that link companies and their customers. Their main job is to make sure that their client’s link stays up no matter what.

A Salesforce expert must be able to show their clients that they are good at certain things in a regular way. They must be a natural leader with good communication skills and the ability to work well with others on the team. They should be very smart, able to make good decisions and take the initiative.

Skills a Salesforce Consultant Must Have

  • A consultant’s job is to make sure that the organization’s work goes smoothly at all times, that the needs of the staff are met, and that no compromises are needed to get the results that are wanted.
  • At different points of the Salesforce rollout, the experts should help the company stay on track. They are also experts at planning and handling tight plans and creating the best CRM in as little time as possible.
  • The experts should know how to handle and manage the budget well enough to meet the needs of your customers.
  • The consultant will be able to spot any problem at work and suggest the best and most workable methods to help you reach your business goals in the best way possible.
  • The expert will be the best person to handle the relationship between the company and the client. They should make the first touch with the client, answer their questions well, and give general comments from first-hand experience.
  • The experts should be skilled enough to make a good plan for putting the project into action. This means paying close attention to the details, making the most of the working hours, setting targets, setting up meetings with clients, and so on.
  • Salesforce experts must know how to work with the most up-to-date technology in order to make a business run better and be more successful.
  • They should be very good at Java and C# and know a lot about Visualforce and Apex. This would boost their reputation by allowing them to customize their knowledge base and be more obvious to their customers.
  • The Salesforce experts should have great decision-making skills that help the company make smart choices that fit the needs of the business.

Developer for Salesforce

A Salesforce Developer’s day-to-day tasks are much more technical than those of an Admin, but the job is about more than just writing. Salesforce workers must work closely with their sales, customer service, and marketing peers to turn business needs into Salesforce tools that can be used. After a solution has been built, it is up to Salesforce workers to make sure it works well, test it, fix bugs, and write instructions for users.

Anyone interested in this area can learn Salesforce, but Salesforce Developers need to know how to code and have some scientific knowledge.

Let’s look at some of the languages, systems, and tools that Salesforce Developers should know to build apps.

What a Salesforce developer must know and be able to do

  • The worker should know Java, since Apex, Salesforce’s programming language, is very similar to it.
  • Developers who work with Salesforce should also know MySQL since Salesforce searches are written in SOQL, which is built on MySQL in some ways.
  • SOSL is a test-based search language for Salesforce systems that developers should know.
  • Developers who work with Salesforce should also know how to use Visualforce, which is a coding language that lets developers build custom Salesforce pages with HTML-like code.
  • Developers for Salesforce should be familiar with the Visualforce framework, which is a user interface framework that lets them make interfaces that can be used more than once.
  • With Salesforce’s Aura framework, which is an open-source user interface tool, the makers should be able to make interactive web apps for mobile and PC devices.
  • Developers for Salesforce should know how to use the Fuel API to make marketing apps and how to use the Lightning App Builder to make app pages.
  • The Salesforce Developers should be familiar with the Salesforce programming tools, such as Heroku and Customer 360.

Are you still not sure which one to pick? Just scroll down to learn more.

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Salesforce Consultant Vs Salesforce Developer

  • A good expert knows how to use all platforms and all of Salesforce’s tools to find the best business answer in tough situations. At the same time, Salesforce Developers take care of all of an organization’s technology needs.
  • An adviser must know everything there is to know about technology, understand what clients need, and then use the Salesforce tool to meet those needs and make them better. The Salesforce developer is the person who makes sure that the client’s needs are met or builds an SFDC application based on the client’s needs.
  • A Salesforce Consultant usually has more than one job to do. They can help a company get the most out of its Salesforce CRM by working for the company or as an outside expert. A Salesforce Developer, on the other hand, gets to work with cutting-edge technology and create platforms for customers based on what they say.
  • A good expert knows the platform and has strong analytical and project management skills so they can help people and businesses solve important business problems. At the same time, Salesforce Developers look at what customers want before they create, test, and build goods to meet those needs.
  • Consultants for Salesforce work with clients to learn about their business goals, methods, and pain points so they can help them meet their needs. On the other hand, Salesforce engineers predict how Salesforce’s business and technology settings, as well as the.Net and Java systems, will change and adjust their work accordingly.
  • Consultants are in a position of power because they are hired to help change how a team works to improve customer service and company success. Developers deal with possible problems with the quality of the data and make plans to fix any flaws in the system.
  • According to a recent study by Mason Frank on Salesforce career trends, the average salary range for Salesforce Consultants in the United States is between 79,250 and 164,250 US dollars for juniors and between 105,250 and 184,250 US dollars for seniors. The average salary range for Salesforce Developers in the United States is between 102,250 and 130,500 for juniors and between 130,500 and 179,750 for seniors. In India, Salesforce Consultants make about $803k per year, but with experience, they could make up to $2,000k. In India, Salesforce Developers make about $502k per year, which could go up to $1,025k per year with experience.
  • Both the Salesforce Consultants and Salesforce Developers roles offer a safe future with steady pay and work growth.
  • As a Salesforce Consultant, you’ll need to learn different skills, understand different ideas, and keep up with the latest changes to Salesforce. Salesforce Developers are usually hired by clients who want to change Salesforce to fit their needs.
  • The Salesforce Administration certificate is needed for the jobs of Salesforce Consultant and Salesforce Developer because it shows that you know how to use the Salesforce platform on a basic level. Even though you don’t have to know how to code, it would be best if you knew the appropriate computer languages.


Because of technology, the business needs the help of highly skilled and educated people to run smoothly. Consultants and coders do different things at work and have different tasks and chores. But the jobs of experts and coders are tied together, and they will continue to support each other.

But your skills and preferences will decide which career choice you choose. And there’s no need to worry because both of those jobs have a lot of openings every year and pay well. Get a Salesforce Certificate that fits your field to make yourself more valuable and marketable.

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