best Trail Badges in 2023
best Trail Badges in 2023

The Best Trailhead Badges in 2023

The Best Trailhead Badges in 2023

It’s safe to say that Trailhead is adored by all Salesforce ecosystem members. It’s a great way to pick up new Salesforce skills thanks to this gamified platform, but how do you choose which badge, module, or trail to take? let’s discuss here which are the Best Trailhead Badges in 2023.

The trails and modules that we believe will be helpful in 2023 are collected in this guide. Specializations will help you stand out in the job market during a difficult economic period while also making you indispensable to a company in need of knowledge in a particular pitch. These badges, divided into admin and developer categories (with a few bonuses), will help you perform at your best with Salesforce!

Badges For Admin

1. Business Analyst

Midway through 2022, Salesforce introduced the Business Analyst Certification, and since then, demand it has skyrocketed. The Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report ’22 shows that year-over-year demand increased by a staggering 55%, so it’s time to ride the BA wave in 2023.

If you’re curious about this popular role but don’t want to change your career path to become a business analyst, check out the “quick look” module that contrasts administrators and BAs. It will explain the duties and why the role is so popular:

2. CPQ

The Demand for Salesforce Business Analysts (Read More) The CPQ Module named “Big Tuna” Basic Salesforce CPQ

Sales representatives can create precise quotes for customers to sell complex sets of products and bundles using Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote), which is now known as Revenue Cloud.

CPQ badges are a no-brainer, even if you are not in sales. Because there are few people with CPQ knowledge, there is a high earning potential and a chance to work for some cool companies.

Click here for the module link.

3. Data Privacy

CRMs depend on data, so data privacy should be a top priority for all administrators. This badge will demonstrate that you are attentive to understanding the data privacy laws and obligations that affect everyone, even though it may not sound like the most interesting topic. This will help you to ensure the safety of your organization.

Click here for the module link.

4. Flow Orchestrator

You can orchestrate multi-user, multi-step, and multi-stage flows using Flow Orchestrator. This indicates that administrators can create a series of automation that may require delegating to various individuals for action along the way.

Increase your Flow game’s level by earning this badge.

Click here for the module link.

5. Tableau

Tableau, a potent visualization tool that aims to simplify the complexities of data analytics for data exploration and management, was acquired by Salesforce in 2019. Why not start by studying the fundamentals if 2023 is the year to harness Tableau?

Click here for the module link.

 Badges For Developer

1 Module for Lightning Web Components

For Salesforce developers, Lightning Web Components (LWC) are rapidly emerging as the “next big thing,”, especially for front-end development. On the Salesforce platform, customized pages and features are created using the user interface (UI) framework.

If you are unfamiliar with LWC, you should begin your education with this module. Additionally, for those seeking to upgrade their skill sets…

Click here for the module link.

2. OmniStudio

FlexCards, OmniScripts, DataRaptors, and Integration Procedures are all part of the digital engagement toolkit known as OmniStudio. These give designers the UI and styling flexibility of Lightning Web Components to create a guided brand experience that resembles a flow.

Click here for the module link.

3. Platform API Basics

Before concentrating on the user interface, developers of features for the Salesforce platform need to create a feature’s robust API. This badge provides you with the knowledge you need to choose the best data API for your projects by going over REST API, SOAP API, Bulk API, and Streaming API.

Click here for the module link.

Scalability Module: Salesforce Scalability

The Developer Advanced Trail badge you earn here teaches you how to scale your organization. Be sure that your organization can handle increased traffic and data changes. This could work well for you if your organization is expanding.

4. CDP

Discover Customer Data Platform with the CDP Trail

Customer data platforms gather first-party customer information (transactional, behavioral, demographic, historical, etc.) from offline and online data sources to create a comprehensive customer profile and bring all of your data “under one roof.”

With the launch of Genie, the marketing buzzword “CDP” has only grown in popularity. Maybe 2023 is the best year to get the most out of all the data you’ve gathered.

Click here for the module link.

As a more general addition, if you are just beginning (or transitioning) your Salesforce journey, this badge might be for you. There are four sections in it:

 5. Career Development Module

we are making a strategy, securing your upcoming opportunity.

Why not enroll in our free Salesforce Career Course if you want to stand out in the Salesforce ecosystem?

It has a total of four different sections:

  1. Assessing yourself
  2. Career options
  3. Creating a plan
  4. Landing your next opportunity

6. Maintenance

This is a reminder to make sure you have passed all of your Maintenance exams by the most recent release, even though it is not a specific badge because new updates also require new exams.

The Maintenance Schedule can be found here.


Now that you’ve seen our top badges of the year, let’s move on. There should be something for everyone to explore, ranging from CPQ to CDP.

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