The Top 23 Salesforce Apps Every Pro Should Have
The Top 23 Salesforce Apps Every Pro Should Have

The Top 23 Salesforce Apps Every Pro Should Have

The Top 23 Salesforce Apps Every Pro Should Have


Salesforce Apps are everywhere—on our phones, in our Salesforce orgs, and as browser extensions.

In fact, many of us couldn’t image completing our jobs without some of the several salesforce apps we rely on on a daily basis. Previously, the Salesforce Ben team produced a list of Chrome Extensions as well as Salesforce apps for Salesforce Consultants. However, we’ve asked Salesforce experts which Salesforce apps they can’t live without. Let’s have a look at them…

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Top 23 Salesforce Apps

The salesforce apps mentioned below were culled from social media, and we weren’t shocked to see a few familiar names come up again and again. These salesforce apps are approximately ranked by the number of times they were cited by various people.

23. Better Salesforce Formula Editor

We’ll begin with an exceptionally useful Chrome Extension called Better Salesforce Formula Editor, which is self-explanatory. The functionality is provided as an extra tab inside your formula editor, and although you may believe it’s just accessible when writing the formula for your validation rules, it’s also available when creating the formula for your formula fields!

This tool makes formula writing simpler and quicker. The autocomplete tool, for example, will assist with syntax as well as field names, and you will be notified in real time if there are any spelling issues.

22. Cloud Toolkit

Cloud Toolkit is a collection of programs made by CTA Ben Edwards that is built on the Heroku platform. The applications include “Org Doctor” for viewing an org’s health and “Org Compare” for seeing a visual depiction of the differences between two Salesforce orgs.

21. Maven Tools for Salesforce

Our second Chrome extension on the list is Maven Tools, which is touted as “one tool to rule them all!” An ever-expanding set of Salesforce developer tools.” Query Editor, Event Hub, Rest Console, Org Limits, and many more features are included in Maven Tools.

20. FuseKit

Another multi-functional toolkit is FuseKit, which bills itself as “the most powerful Salesforce productivity tool you’ll ever use.” A data loader, an org comparison, and the ability to deal with different Salesforce orgs are among the features.

19. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

A really useful app (located directly on your setup homepage) that often appears in our “Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions” list. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher enables you to easily search Apex classes, triggers, and Visualforce pages in your instance.

18. Loom

While Loom is not a Salesforce-exclusive product, it is a must-have for Trailblazers. Quickly capture movies of your screen or specific tabs, as well as yourself if needed. This is great for demonstrating to users how to do a function or recording a problem to show your development team – as you may have guessed, we love this tool!

17. Salesforce Change Set Helper

Change Set irritation is widespread in the Salesforce world if you are still utilizing this method to distribute changes across environments. Use the Change Set Helper to enable some additional features when choosing the components to deploy, making things simpler for yourself.

16. Grammarly

Grammarly, a particular favorite of mine, is a must-have for every professional, regardless of background. Grammarly simply goes above and beyond what your browser’s spell check can do to guarantee you never make another grammatical or spelling error.

15. Password Managers

If you use dozens of applications every day or deal with several Salesforce customers, it’s almost hard to remember your credentials for each app. Enter the phrase ‘password managers’.

LastPass and 1Password automate password management and handle everything for you with a single “Master Password” (just make it a decent one!).

14. Texei for SFDX

The Texei plugin, created by the French firm Texei, tries to improve SFDX.

It allows you to enable Shared Activities, stop and continue sharing rule computations, and import and export data into a Scratch org. More information may be found on their blog.

13. Enhanced Lightning Grid

The Enhanced Lighting Grid Salesforce Labs software adds a new kind of component to a Lightning Page. This component may be used to sort and filter related lists in the same way as Lightning does.

12. OwnBackup

OwnBackup is the world’s biggest Salesforce backup service, including data preservation and seeding capabilities.

Sandbox seeding was expressly mentioned in our study as a feature that cannot be lived without.

11. Gearset

Gearset is a complete DevOps tool that promises to make Salesforce installations enjoyable (rather than a chore). If you’ve ever battled with a Salesforce deployment, make sure to check them out – not only is the platform simple to use, but it also provides a high degree of customization, including Slack alerts for pipeline successes and failures.

10. Happy Soup is a completely free and open-source program for impact and dependency analysis that will make your life as a Salesforce professional dealing with a lot of changes a lot simpler.

The value derives from a simple user interface and support for dependencies that are difficult to get directions. Standard field references, for example, or indirect dependencies through bespoke labels and custom metadata types.

9. Field Trip

Field Trip is another product utilized by thousands of Salesforce workers worldwide.

It allows you to report on field utilization and discover unnecessary fields that may be eliminated, merged, or realigned to business processes.

8. Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries

Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries, a favorite among senior Salesforce users, enrich Salesforce by enabling you to do Rollups on Lookup relationships, which were previously only available using Apex.

DLRS includes a user interface that enables you to create these Rollups without writing any code.

7. Rollup/Lookup Assist

While DLRS may be useful for a wide range of organizations, it is also open-source and offers no support.

App Link.

6. XL Connector

When it comes to syncing Salesforce and spreadsheets, XL Connector is the solution to use. This useful plugin allows you to import, export, and auto-refresh Salesforce data from Excel or Google Sheets (G-Connector).

5. EasyCRUD

EasyCRUD is a very simple app that lets you see who has access to an object right on the object itself. It also has ways to tick all the boxes in a column at once.

4. The Boostr for Salesforce

Boostr is another very popular Chrome app that has a lot of different functions.

This includes simple but useful features like showing the API name of a field when changing a fieldset and letting you pick all components on a page to add to a change set.

3. Apsona

Apsona is another Salesforce app that is like a Swiss army knife because it can do a lot of different things.

These include the ability to create documents, report on any number of objects across all objects, and import and export many objects at once.

2. Salesforce organizer

Salesforce Organiser is another Chrome application that thousands of Salesforce workers all over the world love. It came up a lot in our study.

It blends several Chrome apps into one. It does things like store logins and changes the colors of tabs to show which version of Salesforce is running so that users don’t get confused when they have multiple tabs open.

1. Salesforce Inspector

When we asked people in the Salesforce community which Salesforce apps they couldn’t live without, Salesforce Inspector was named by almost everyone. This is also the app that has the most users and is at the top of our list of the best Chrome extensions.

Salesforce Inspector is a Chrome application that adds some simple but useful tools on top of the normal Salesforce UI. This includes showing the information of fields, exporting and importing data, and a lot more!

While Salesforce Inspector is the original extension that most Salesforce professionals are familiar with and love, Salesforce Inspector Reloaded offers a few extra features such as helpful links within the Objects tab, a friendlier query and import interface, and more!


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